Articles by Mark Wyer

Rollers or turbo trainer…?

21 May 2015

Rollers and turbo trainers are both great tools for young riders. Which is best for your child though, and which type of riding is each one best suited for?

Fixed wheel in winter, smooth in summer..?

02 February 2015

In the good old days most racing cyclists would ride a fixed-wheel bike for road training throughout the winter. Mark Wyer looks at how this can be great racing preparation for today’s youth riders too.

What can cycling learn from football?

10 November 2014

GB has been a super-power of cycle racing for as long as most youth riders can remember. So surely our talent development process must already work perfectly then? We identify important issues affecting your child’s development and enjoyment of the sport.

Skills analysis: road race cornering

10 June 2014

Being able to corner fast, safely and effectively is a key road racing skill that youth riders should master. Our skills analysis video of the recent Ixworth Criteriums shows the key points that a youth rider should work on to improve their road cornering.

Cycle sport and asthma

01 April 2014

There are 1.1 million children with asthma in the UK alone. Mark Wyer looks at how cycling can be a great way to manage the condition, and how racing with asthma can be achieved.

Skills analysis: National Youth Cyclo-Cross Championships

24 January 2014

Mark Wyer went to this year’s National Cyclo-Cross Championships to analyse the skills required for youth riders to tackle the course effectively. Our video shows what the riders had to face and the different choices that they made.