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28 September 2015

Trek’s new Fuel EX Jr is a quality, full-suspension junior MTB. Does it justify its big price tag?

And what difference does a full-sus bike make to a skilled young mountain biker anyway? We took it to the Olympic MTB venue to find out.


Trek Fuel EX Jr




13.0 kg / 28.6 lbs (without pedals)


Trek Bicycle –


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Review: Trek Fuel EX Jr

  1. September 28, 2015

    A great review! I totally agree that a 1×10 set-up would be ideal, indeed it would be ideal for most kids MTBs. Front mech shifting on a MTB can be hard for small hands, and most kids keep the chain on the same ring no mater what. The problem is finding the right 1×10 gear ratio. The smallest narrow/wide chainring you can get is a 30 tooth. Matched to a stock 11-36 cassette, that gives a 30×36 lowest gear. Quite a bit higher than the 24×36 of the stock set-up. The only way to get an equivalent lower gear is to fit an a 42 tooth cassette extender, and most (all?) manufacturers won’t go to the trouble speccing that. Its a problem… I’ve kept my kids on doubles at the moment just to let them have the lower range, though I am going to try a cassette extender.

  2. Youth Cycle Sport
    September 28, 2015

    Thanks for your comment. Wolftooth, Blackspire and one or two others supply narrow/wide chainrings down to 26t and 28t for 4-arm MTB cranks with small BCD (e.g. 74, 76, 80mm). So I guess you (or Trek!) could go down that route to create a nice set of 1×10 ratios.

  3. September 28, 2015

    Oooo. Didn’t know they went down that small. Much better being able to go smaller on the chainring, than having to pay extra for an XT cassette and the extender, and then potentially wear it out and replace it.

  4. Esteban Silva
    January 24, 2016

    Because of the fact that 26 inch full-suspension bikes are becoming rarer, I was having a horrible time finding a bike for my wife, who is 1.47 m tall and weighs 36 kilos. Her main problem is finding a bike with a low enough standover.
    So, we ordered one of these at our LBS, sight unseen, after poring over the specs. The shop guys were skeptical, trying to put her on an “adult” bike. We insisted, and my wife couldn’t be happier! The Fuel Jr. has given her more confidence and control than on her hardtail.
    The bike, and especially the wheels, is really very heavy, and it seems to me Trek should offer something lighter (even at a higher cost), as for a child the time window to use the bike is limited. You don’t want to shell out an extra chunk of money so that a 30 kilo child can handle the bike a bit better.

    Anyway, it’s most definitely a 5-star bike!! congratulations Trek!

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