Sir Chris Hoy answers your questions

18 June 2014

Thanks for all the great questions that you submitted for Sir Chris Hoy during our recent competition. He has answered as many as possible.

So read below to find out everything from his favourite motivational song to how he handled recovery from injury during his career.

There’s valuable advice for youth riders about how to stay motivated during training, how to handle disappointments, and how to deal with pre-race nerves.

Question: What did you do when you had ailments that forced you to stop training and lose fitness? How did you regain your fitness?

(Max Rethman, age 8, Colchester Rovers CC)

Sir Chris: When I had injuries, I listened to what the physio told me to do in order to get back into training as quickly as possible. It was frustrating but I learned that if you pushed too hard too soon, it’d take longer to return to full fitness.


Question: If you could have a gold medal in any other cycling discipline which would it be?

(Gabrielle Gibbons, age 14, North Cheshire Clarion)

Sir Chris: BMX racing, now it’s an Olympic discipline. That’s how I started out in competitive cycling aged 7.


Question: What did you do to make sessions on the rollers more interesting?

(Holly Devlin, age 11, Colchester Rovers CC)

Sir Chris: Music helps to keep you motivated.


Question: If you were starting out as a professional again, what would you do differently and what do you wish you had known?

(Alfie Banks, age 15, Prestige Velo Club)

Sir Chris: I don’t think I’d do anything differently. As long as you learn from your mistakes, that helps you to improve in the future.


Question: What motivated you when you were training each day?

(Jodie Taylor, age 10, Colchester Rovers CC)

Sir Chris: Knowing that every effort of every session counts towards your long term goals.


Question: What’s the best way to become involved with a professional cycling team as an aspiring mechanic or soigneur?

(Michael Dennis, age 15)

Sir Chris: Become a volunteer at an amateur level to learn the ropes.


Question: What was your best motivational song?

(Luke Green, age 16)

Sir Chris: “You Can Do It” by Ice Cube


Question: What is the best mentality to have when going in to a race? How did you deal with pre-race nerves?

(Irvine, age 15, Eastlands Velo)

Sir Chris: Focus on doing the best performance you can and not worrying about the outcome. It helps to visualise your race.


Question: Being a sprinter on the track, how good is your endurance out on the road?

(Ross Boyd, age 15, Pedal Power)

Sir Chris: It’s not brilliant. I didn’t do much endurance work as it tended to take away from top end speed. I could get round a relatively flat road race in the bunch.


Question: Do you still just get the urge to go on your bike on a ride in the Scottish hills just to go “wow”?

(Conor Thomson, age 15)

Sir Chris: I still enjoy riding my bike for fun, and it’s nice to get away from the busyness of everyday life.


Question: Were you ever allowed a McDonalds?

(Nathan Hardy, age 10, CC Ashwell)

Sir Chris: My diet and nutrition was my own choice, so I could eat what I wanted. I wouldn’t choose a McDonald’s very often – there are other things I’d rather have instead.


Question: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

(Adam Lightfoot, age 12, CC Ashwell)

Sir Chris: A professional cyclist.


Question: Which was your favourite bike?

(Brodie Stone, age 8)

Sir Chris: My first BMX bike; it was a gold and black Raleigh Super Burner.


Question: At the peak of your career, how many hours a day did you train?

(Sophie Proctor, age 16, CC Ashwell)

Sir Chris: Up to seven hours a day, six days a week.


Question: If you had to cycle around the world on a tandem, who would you cycle with, and where would you start?

(Kyle Thomas, age 11, Edinburgh Road Club)

Sir Chris: My wife, Sarra, so we could spend more time together. I’d start from home.


Question: What advice would you give to youth racers about handling disappointments? Parents say “do not worry” but sometimes it just means so much.

(Caelan Miller, age 9, East London Velo CC)

Sir Chris: It’s important to do your best and to care about your performance, but it’s also important to remember that we all grow at different speeds. The key is to see progression from race to race. Most of the kids who were exceptionally quick when I was young, didn’t go on to be successful once they had turned senior.


Many thanks to Sir Chris for his time and to HOY Bikes and Evans Cycles for their support.

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Sir Chris Hoy answers your questions

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