First Looks

Islabikes Pro Series: superbikes for children

25 May 2016

The Islabikes Pro Series launches today. Do these superbikes for children create a completely new market?

First look: 2014 Islabikes Creig 26 MTB

03 June 2014

Not cheap and not for everyone, but a super-effective mini MTB. Lighter than ever and with improved spec for 2014. And very, very green. Watch our trail dog Lucas put it through its paces.

First look: Hoy Meadowbank track bike

07 February 2014

With the explosion of interest in track racing it’s not surprising that HOY Bikes has launched a track bike for young riders. And you can’t help feeling that a youngster riding a bike with the name “Hoy” all over it is going to find an extra few tenths of a second per lap from somewhere…

First look: Carrera Zelos Junior road bike

05 February 2014

The Carrera Zelos Junior is the cheapest bike that we’ve ever tested, but it’s probably one of the most important: it can be bought for just over £200 at the moment, making the sport accessible for parents who can’t justify paying £400+ for a junior road bike. So far the Zelos Junior looks like it could be the best kept secret in youth cycling at the moment…

First look: Hoy Cammo road bike

03 February 2014

There’s undoubtedly a high level of expectation when you unbox a bike bearing the name of Sir Chris Hoy. We’ve been testing it on the road and on closed-road circuits, and the bike is a real blast. Check out our short video to see it in action.

A first look at Peré Performance Wear

28 October 2013

A first look at children’s winter clothing from new brand Peré Performance Wear. Peré has already earned a reputation for a level of quality that equals the big-name adult brands.

First look: three great junior road/cyclocross bikes

20 October 2013

The market for junior road/CX bikes has been dominated by the Islabikes Luath. Now it has competition from the new Juniorworx JA700 and Scatto’s J-Cross. Here’s our introduction to the three bikes.