A first look at Peré Performance Wear

28 October 2013

A first look at children’s winter clothing from new British brand Peré Performance Wear, specialising in products for children aged 5 to 12 years old. It’s one of the few designers of proper cycling clothing for children, and we’re testing a set of its cold-weather kit.

Adult riders have had a wide choice of comfortable, stylish cycle clothing for many years. It’s only recently with the huge increase in popularity of cycling among youth riders that equally good winter clothing for children is becoming available. In cold, wet conditions children’s smaller bodies lose more heat more quickly than larger adult bodies, so they need the benefit of good clothing to keep happily warm and dry more than anyone.

New brand Peré Performance Wear arrived earlier this year and is clearly giving children’s cycling clothing the attention that it deserves. YCS has a set of their winter clothing on test: a pair of winter bib-longs (i.e. longs with integral shoulder straps to hold them up), a warm winter jacket, a lightweight rain jacket, and a stretchy long-sleeve top that can be used on its own or as a base layer. With recent weather like the St Jude storm there have already been plenty of opportunities to see how it performs.

It’s not cheap soma online cod (the longs cost £49, the winter jacket is £65, the rain jacket costs £59, and the long-sleeved top is £25) but it’s immediately clear that the quality of Peré’s materials and its manufacturing is as high as the very best adult brands. Before founding Peré its owners Jackie and Lynne had already built up strong experience elsewhere in the clothing industry.

We’ll report back with a detailed review of the Peré products in a few weeks’ time. In the meantime we’re hoping for some truly dreadful weather so we can really give it the kind of treatment that can break washing machines…

Update 28/11/13

10% discount on Peré Performance clothing for followers of YCS (and voucher for free delivery).

Here’s an early Christmas present from Peré for followers of YCS:-

Use the voucher code “YCS01X” for a 10% discount on all online orders at until 22nd December.

As a bonus, use the voucher code “Free p+p” to get free delivery too.


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A first look at Peré Performance Wear

  1. November 7, 2013

    They look very nice, especially the long sleeved top, and I’m really interested to hear how they perform. Over the past couple of years I have bought Decathlon cycling gear for my two — decent quality and great value (always a plus when thy grow out of things quickly!). But if the Peré kit performs as well as it looks then I might get some.

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