First look: Hoy Meadowbank track bike

07 February 2014

With Great Britain’s dominance on the track over the last decade and the explosion of interest in youth track racing, it’s not surprising that HOY Bikes has launched a quality mini track bike for young riders. And you can’t help feeling that a youngster riding a bike with the name “Hoy” all over it is going to find an extra few tenths of a second per lap from somewhere…

Sold through Evans Cycles like all Hoy models, the Meadowbank costs £450 and has 650c wheels, making it a direct rival to the similarly-sized £400 Dolan Kadet which is a common sight at velodromes all over the country.

The bike looks well-proportioned, with some great attention to detail: for example, the steel inserts screwed into the rear track-ends (which save the alloy track ends eventually being mangled by repeated tightening of the rear wheel’s track nuts) and the chain tension adjusters that screw into the track ends. That shows understanding of how these bikes will be used in the real world, day-to-day.

There’s a carbon-bladed fork (with alloy steerer) and a good level of component specification. The Meadowbank has extremely short Lasco cranks – just 145mm compared to the 152mm cranks of the Dolan Kadet and the similarly-sized HOY Cammo road bike. However, we think HOY Bikes probably knows what it’s doing: a fit young rider on a restricted Under 10 or Under 12 gear is going to be spinning the pedals very fast (especially on an indoor track) and short cranks make this easier. Besides, six-foot-tall adult sprinters sometimes use relatively short 165mm cranks, so 145mm cranks for a 4′ 3″ rider aren’t necessarily that short after all.

If it ever stops raining we’ll take the Meadowbank to a track and give it a proper thrashing around the banking. In the meantime, our video above is an introduction to the bike –  and it’s also our tribute to Sir Chris’s breakthrough Athens 2004 Olympic Gold in the 1km time trial

We’ll be back with a detailed, full review soon.


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First look: Hoy Meadowbank track bike

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