Dan and Ben Tulett’s cyclocross bikes

21 October 2013

Prolific winners Dan and Ben showed us their cyclocross bikes just before they were about to race on them. They pointed out a few key features and told us why they have their bikes set up as they do.

Check out our interview with the brothers and their Dad too.


Ben: “This was Dan’s first sponsored bike but I ride it now. Hargroves Cycles gave him two identical bikes for the first time that he rode the National Trophy series. He never lost a Trophy race on those bikes!”


Dan: “I’m running a 42 tooth outer ring and a standard 36 tooth compact inner ring. I have a 12 to 27 tooth cassette with it. I use that for all courses.”


Dan: “I went for a heavier but more comfortable saddle, because that’s what works for me. I don’t really like them light.”


Dan: “My tyre choice varies depending on the course and the conditions.”


Dan:”I have a different pair of bars to what you’d normally see. They’ve got a drop and an extra step. I find them more comfy and ergonomic. I have a slam stem at the very bottom, facing flat. I prefer a low position.”


Double-sided Shimano XTR SPD pedals.


Perhaps looking down at this detail on Dan’s top tube gives him an extra boost when the going gets tough.


Ben with the bike that has carried both brothers to victory.


Dan won on the Specialized an hour after this photo was taken.


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Dan and Ben Tulett’s cyclocross bikes

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