Riders’ Bikes: WyndyMilla Saw Doctor

15 September 2014

We like to feature a wide range of bikes in YCS. We haven’t featured anything like this before though – it’s an exotic WyndyMilla time trial bike ridden by talented 16-year-old all-rounder Harry Paine. It’s a pretty special bike, with a made-to-measure carbon frame, Shimano Di2 electric gears, Reynolds wheels, Rotor Q-Ring chainrings, and many other top components. WyndyMilla co-founder & designer Henry Furniss told us the story of the bike.

Harry’s Saw Doctor is our fifth-generation composite time trial bike – made to measure. Our mission on the TT bike side of things on the face of it has been simple: develop a TT bike with all the latest wind-cheating innovations that is 100% custom – rare!

The main challenge is building a handmade TT frame without it being too heavy. We started with a 2kg prototype and have been working to reduce the weight from there. Since we built Harry’s frame we’ve improved the design even further. We’ve integrated the down-tube & head-tube into a single mould which is lighter. We changed the chainstays to be lighter & stiffer too. The rear dropouts have been machined in order, once again, to reduce the weight. We’ve also removed the third wrap of carbon that creates a uniform aesthetic in the carbon wave. This is a new option which saves 70 to 100g too.

The result is a marginally stiffer frame but a whopping 400g weight loss from the frame & fork. Our custom composite Saw Doctor frame & fork costs £3550, while the custom aluminium version costs £1550.


The WyndyMilla team kit is very bright and visible, but the Saw Doctor is stealthy.


Harry has worked hard to find his optimum riding position.


Rotor’s Q-Rings are intended to minimize dead spots and give more time during the down stroke.


Botttle cage fitted for longer training sessions or events.


3T aero bars. Neat cable adjuster fitted.


Elbow pads positioned close together for a narrow position.


Fizik saddle and a very neat, bright Exposure rear light for safety.


What or who is a Saw Doctor..? It’s a music reference, like most WyndyMilla frames.


Harry prefers Speedplay pedals.


Ultegra Di2 electric front derailleur.


Front brake hidden behind the fork to keep it out of the airstream.


Handlebar stem by Pro


The bike with its rear disc wheel.


Harry chooses a spoked Reynolds wheel for certain events.


Check out the Di2 gear shift buttons on the aero extensions and on the base-bar.



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Riders’ Bikes: WyndyMilla Saw Doctor

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