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Group test – 26″ wheel road/cyclocross bikes

14 March 2015

Here’s our mega group test of lightweight 26” wheel road/CX bikes ranging from £425 to £600. It’s our most thorough review ever. With a choice of six bikes, young riders have never had it so good!

Ben Tulett blog: cyclocross 2014/15

20 January 2015

Still an Under 14 youth rider, Ben Tulett has been a top-performer for many years. Here’s his blog about a cyclocross season in which he has absolutely dominated his age category at national level.

Kids’ Guide to the Milton Keynes Cyclocross World Cup

21 November 2014

What to see, who to cheer for! Anna Buick has written our children’s guide to enjoying the first ever cyclocross World Cup to be held in the UK.

Jack Ravenscroft blog: Junior World Cyclocross Championships

15 February 2014

Seventeen-year-old Jack Ravenscroft will be representing Great Britain at the 2014 World Cyclocross Championships in The Netherlands. He’s blogging his updates here as the Championships approach and then during the event itself.

Group test – junior road/cyclocross bikes (part 2)

19 December 2013

This is the final part of our grouptest of four top junior road/cyclocross bikes. We look at their brakes, components, performance, customisation & upgrade, service & support, and value for money.

Group test – junior road/cyclocross bikes (part 1)

18 December 2013

Not long ago the choice of quality junior road/cyclocross bikes was very limited. Now there are half a dozen bikes to choose from, and we’ve reviewed four of the best.

Dan and Ben Tulett’s cyclocross bikes

21 October 2013

Prolific winners Dan and Ben showed us their cyclocross bikes and told us why they have their bikes set up as they do.

First look: three great junior road/cyclocross bikes

20 October 2013

The market for junior road/CX bikes has been dominated by the Islabikes Luath. Now it has competition from the new Juniorworx JA700 and Scatto’s J-Cross. Here’s our introduction to the three bikes.

Review: Islabikes Luath 700 Pro Series

09 December 2016

In-depth review of the new ultra-performance junior cyclocross bike from Islabikes. Good enough to deserve a £1600 price tag?

Review: HOY Meadowmill 26

19 June 2016

How does the contender from HOY Bikes measure up in the highly competitive market for children’s 26″ wheel road/cyclocross bikes?