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Video review: Hoy Meadowbank track bike

27 February 2014

We took a first look at this new junior track bike a few weeks ago and it certainly looked promising. We’ve given it a thorough test on the track since then. Is it worthy of the Hoy name…?

First look: Hoy Meadowbank track bike

07 February 2014

With the explosion of interest in track racing it’s not surprising that HOY Bikes has launched a track bike for young riders. And you can’t help feeling that a youngster riding a bike with the name “Hoy” all over it is going to find an extra few tenths of a second per lap from somewhere…

Review: Islabikes Luath 700 Pro Series

09 December 2016

In-depth review of the new ultra-performance junior cyclocross bike from Islabikes. Good enough to deserve a £1600 price tag?

Review: HOY Meadowmill 26

19 June 2016

How does the contender from HOY Bikes measure up in the highly competitive market for children’s 26″ wheel road/cyclocross bikes?

Review: Trek Fuel EX Jr

28 September 2015

Trek’s new Fuel EX Jr is a quality, full-suspension junior MTB. Does it justify its big price tag? And what difference does a full-sus bike make to a skilled young mountain biker anyway?

Youth MTB racing in the USA

07 July 2015

Here in the UK young MTB riders soon find out how to get involved in racing and develop within the sport. But how are things done in the USA, the original home of mountain biking? Sixteen-year-old US champion Veda Gerasimek (“Darth Veda”) tells us all about it.

Youth cycle racing – which way now?

14 June 2015

We’re living in a golden age for youth cycle racing – it’s surely the best time ever to be a young rider? But lots of experienced parents & coaches think it’s a bit more complicated than that, and British Cycling has announced changes which will affect every child. So here’s Youth Cycle Sport’s take on the current state of youth racing.

Rollers or turbo trainer…?

21 May 2015

Rollers and turbo trainers are both great tools for young riders. Which is best for your child though, and which type of riding is each one best suited for?

Club focus: Solent Pirates Youth CC

08 May 2015

The South Coast club’s purpose is clear: “To have fun on bikes with friends; to discover a sport for life; to develop skills and fitness; to compete”.

Club focus: i-Team

10 April 2015

“A coach-led club with a big focus on youth development…” Portsmouth-based club i-Team lives and breathes the spirit of our “Rules” for young racing cyclists. In this feature head coach Guy Watson explains how the club sets up its kids for a lifetime of cycling enjoyment and success.