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Cycling and academic achievement: finding the balance

12 August 2014

Bryn Davies is a young rider who hopes to take up a place at Oxford University this Autumn. He writes about how he combines training & racing with demanding study. Bryn’s experience could help young riders (and their parents) who are struggling to find the balance between racing and school or college work.

Matt Walker: British Downhill Series, Round 4, Llangollen

01 July 2014

Top youth Downhill MTB racer Matt Walker tells us about his race at Round 4 of the British Downhill Series. The Llangollen course is one of the most technically challenging in the UK – read how Matt faced it down…

Sir Chris Hoy answers your questions

18 June 2014

Sir Chris Hoy has answered as many of your questions as possible. Find out everything from his favourite motivational song to how he handled recovery from injury. There’s advice about how to stay motivated, handling disappointments, and dealing with pre-race nerves.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e Road

17 June 2014

A proper Boardman, the SPORT/e Road makes a great entry-level road bike for youth circuit racing. Here’s our detailed review.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e MTB

17 June 2014

Boardman’s junior MTB fills the gap between cheaper bikes that aren’t capable off-road and much more expensive MTBs. So, as a £300 MTB specifically designed for children, the Boardman has an opportunity to carve its own niche.

Interview: Victoria Pendleton on motivating young riders

29 May 2014

Victoria Pendleton is simply one of the world’s most successful sprinters ever. We asked her advice about how youth racing cyclists can overcome obstacles, and about how girls can avoid the common drop-off from sport in their teenage years.

Interview: Matt Walker, MTB Downhill national champion

27 May 2014

National champion Matt Walker is one of the most exciting young MTB Downhill riders in the UK. Now on the Madison Saracen Development Team, he tells us about his racing and his aims for 2014 having moved up to the Youth category.

Jack Ravenscroft: my MTB race weekend

21 May 2014

Jack Ravenscroft competes at European & World level in junior cross-country MTB. He tells us about his race preparation so that ambitious youth riders can perhaps learn from his approach. It’s full of wisdom to help youth riders race successfully.

Youth rider Kai Watts – training and racing with Type 1 diabetes

15 May 2014

Kai Watts is an Under 12 member of CC Hackney with Type 1 diabetes. His mum Karen tells us about how Kai, his parents, his club and its coaches all help manage the condition.

Setting up drop handlebar bikes for young riders – Parts 1 to 4

25 April 2014

In this comprehensive feature we show how to set up a drop handlebar road, track or cyclocross bike for a young rider. Our guide tackles every stage of setting up the riding position in seven separate videos.