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Review: Islabikes Luath 700 Pro Series

09 December 2016

In-depth review of the new ultra-performance junior cyclocross bike from Islabikes. Good enough to deserve a £1600 price tag?

Review: HOY Meadowmill 26

19 June 2016

How does the contender from HOY Bikes measure up in the highly competitive market for children’s 26″ wheel road/cyclocross bikes?

Islabikes Pro Series: superbikes for children

25 May 2016

The Islabikes Pro Series launches today. Do these superbikes for children create a completely new market?

Editorial: young riders on EPO…?

10 December 2015

18-yr-old time trial champion Gabriel Evans has admitted to using EPO. This is the first time that such a young club rider in domestic UK racing has been found to have used drugs. How confident are we that our own kids could never find themselves in that awful position?

Competition: win a brand new Frog 70 road/CX bike!

15 November 2015

Win a brand new Frog Road 70 worth £450 courtesy of The Little Bike Company. That’s the same versatile model that we tested in our mega group test of 26″-wheel road/cyclocross bikes.

A racing trip to Belgium

19 October 2015

It’s surprisingly easy for adventurous families to make a cyclocross racing trip to Belgium, the sport’s heartland. Sam Asker had always wanted to emulate his Belgian heroes, so last season he and his dad did a little homework and made their first ever trip. Here are their own accounts of their mini-adventure.