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Review: Boardman SPORT/e Road

17 June 2014

A proper Boardman, the SPORT/e Road makes a great entry-level road bike for youth circuit racing. Here’s our detailed review.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e Hybrid

17 June 2014

Boardman must surely have sold more hybrid bikes than anyone else in the UK. Now they’re offering the new SPORT/e Hybrid, a 26”-wheel, scaled-down junior version of its adult hybrids. The bike sits alongside a road bike and a MTB in the new junior range.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e MTB

17 June 2014

Boardman’s junior MTB fills the gap between cheaper bikes that aren’t capable off-road and much more expensive MTBs. So, as a £300 MTB specifically designed for children, the Boardman has an opportunity to carve its own niche.

First look: 2014 Islabikes Creig 26 MTB

03 June 2014

Not cheap and not for everyone, but a super-effective mini MTB. Lighter than ever and with improved spec for 2014. And very, very green. Watch our trail dog Lucas put it through its paces.

Video review: Hoy Cammo road bike

17 March 2014

Sir Chris made it clear that he was closely involved in every aspect of HOY Bikes, so we expected a lot from the Cammo junior road bike. There’s a growing choice of quality road bikes for kids, so the Cammo needs to impress. Watch our full review video to see whether it lived up to expectations.

Video review: Carrera Zelos Junior road bike

06 March 2014

A proper road bike that can be bought for just over £200? Does it have a part to play in Under 10 and Under 12 circuit racing, and can it really be raced seriously against its competitors costing £400 or more?