Articles tagged with "Road"

Review: Boardman SPORT/e Road

17 June 2014

A proper Boardman, the SPORT/e Road makes a great entry-level road bike for youth circuit racing. Here’s our detailed review.

Skills analysis: road race cornering

10 June 2014

Being able to corner fast, safely and effectively is a key road racing skill that youth riders should master. Our skills analysis video of the recent Ixworth Criteriums shows the key points that a youth rider should work on to improve their road cornering.

Assen – more preparations for racing

28 May 2014

In our third Assen article Richard Maynard gives extra information to help you prepare as we get closer to the event. First he looked at transponders and now he gives advice on fitting bike numbers, with more to come.

Setting up drop handlebar bikes for young riders – Parts 5 to 7

28 April 2014

Here are Parts 5 to 7 of our major video feature showing how to set up a drop handlebar bike for a young rider. Work through the whole seven-part feature to give your child a great overall riding position.

Setting up drop handlebar bikes for young riders – Parts 1 to 4

25 April 2014

In this comprehensive feature we show how to set up a drop handlebar road, track or cyclocross bike for a young rider. Our guide tackles every stage of setting up the riding position in seven separate videos.

“To finish first you must first finish” – Bikeability! and youth racing cyclists

08 April 2014

We asked Nick Higgins, a Bikeability Instructor from leading cycle training company BikeRight!, to give his views about the importance of being safe on the roads, and how this can help with training & racing for youth riders.