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Editorial: young riders on EPO…?

10 December 2015

18-yr-old time trial champion Gabriel Evans has admitted to using EPO. This is the first time that such a young club rider in domestic UK racing has been found to have used drugs. How confident are we that our own kids could never find themselves in that awful position?

Time trialling for youth riders

24 September 2014

Riders like Sir Bradley Wiggins and Emma Pooley have given time trialling a high profile. Huw Williams tells us all about time trialling for youth riders, what it can do for them, and how they can deliver their best possible performances.

Riders’ Bikes: WyndyMilla Saw Doctor

15 September 2014

This exotic WyndyMilla TT bike is ridden by talented 16-year-old all-rounder Harry Paine. It’s a special bike, with a made-to-measure carbon frame, Shimano Di2 electric gears, and many top components. WyndyMilla’s Henry Furniss told us the story of the bike.

Harry Paine’s preparations for the National 10 Mile TT Champs

11 September 2014

16-year-old Harry Paine will compete in Saturday’s “GHS” National 10 Mile Time Trial Championship. Here’s how he has prepared for the race, and how time trialling fits into his overall cycle racing plans.

CTC’s “Housedale Hustle” Time Trial

17 November 2013

British riders like Bradley Wiggins & Emma Pooley are world-beating time triallists. The Cyclists Touring Club recently ran their inaugural “Housedale Hustle” time trial on closed roads in Dalby Forest, so children aged 8+ could take part in a safe environment.