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Interview: Victoria Pendleton on motivating young riders

29 May 2014

Victoria Pendleton is simply one of the world’s most successful sprinters ever. We asked her advice about how youth racing cyclists can overcome obstacles, and about how girls can avoid the common drop-off from sport in their teenage years.

Setting up drop handlebar bikes for young riders – Parts 5 to 7

28 April 2014

Here are Parts 5 to 7 of our major video feature showing how to set up a drop handlebar bike for a young rider. Work through the whole seven-part feature to give your child a great overall riding position.

Setting up drop handlebar bikes for young riders – Parts 1 to 4

25 April 2014

In this comprehensive feature we show how to set up a drop handlebar road, track or cyclocross bike for a young rider. Our guide tackles every stage of setting up the riding position in seven separate videos.

Lizzie Armitstead interview: the Olympics, life as a pro, and the future

18 March 2014

Although still only 25 years old, Lizzie Armitstead has chalked up a magnificent list of achievements. We asked Lizzie about the Olympics, her development into a top pro, and her motivation. She also told us about her life as an elite cyclist, and what she thinks the future might hold.

Bringing up a world champion

13 March 2014

What’s it like to bring up a world champion? We asked John & Carol Armitstead, parents of Lizzie, about how they helped her develop from a primary school all-rounder to become a top pro cyclist. If you’re the parent of an ambitious youth rider, read the wisdom within their comments.

Video review: Hoy Meadowbank track bike

27 February 2014

We took a first look at this new junior track bike a few weeks ago and it certainly looked promising. We’ve given it a thorough test on the track since then. Is it worthy of the Hoy name…?