Articles tagged with "Triathlon"

Higher education as an athlete

12 January 2015

Should an elite cyclist or triathlete go to university after their A-Levels? How should they choose a university, and choose the right course? Here’s how George Schwiening, Junior World Duathlon Champion, decided whether to go, where to go, what to study – and how to make it work.

Lucy Gossage: things I wish I’d known as a kid

15 July 2014

As a child Lucy had absolutely no aptitude for sport, but she has developed to become Ironman UK Champion. If you’re a young cyclist or triathlete (or their parent), what she has learned along the way might be the most valuable advice that you’ll ever read.

Aiming for elite triathlon

30 May 2014

In a previous piece leading coach Tim Williams introduced junior triathlon. His latest article is aimed at those who already have the triathlon bug and who now want to move forward.

Tri-Knights – introducing triathlon into primary schools

16 May 2014

Castle Triathlon Series has developed a new school programme called Tri-Knights. It’s the first curriculum-linked triathlon resource for primary schools. We asked Castle’s MD Brian Adcock all about it.

How junior triathlon fits with youth cycle racing

05 February 2014

Perhaps you’re a youth racing cyclist inspired by the Brownlee brothers or Non Stanford to race triathlons? Or a junior triathlete who wants to develop your cycling? Tim Williams, one of the UK’s most experienced triathlon & cycling coaches, tells you how to get the best from your sport.