Training & Development

Cycle sport and asthma

01 April 2014

There are 1.1 million children with asthma in the UK alone. Mark Wyer looks at how cycling can be a great way to manage the condition, and how racing with asthma can be achieved.

Skills analysis: National Youth Cyclo-Cross Championships

24 January 2014

Mark Wyer went to this year’s National Cyclo-Cross Championships to analyse the skills required for youth riders to tackle the course effectively. Our video shows what the riders had to face and the different choices that they made.

Tackling national-level cyclo-cross events: a guide for youth riders & parents

16 January 2014

YCS Training & Development Editor Mark Wyer reports on the challenges facing youth riders competing at the 2014 National Cyclo-Cross Championships. Read about race preparation, equipment, pit duties, and what to do at every stage of the day.

When should your child use clipless pedals?

27 November 2013

One of the biggest changes riders make as novices is going from flat pedals to clipless pedals. This article discusses when to take that step, which system to use, how to set clipless pedals up, and how each discipline of the sport has particular requirements.

Your cycling journey – which path should you follow?

29 October 2013

So your four-year old has just been inspired by Mark Cavendish, Rachel Atherton, Shanaze Reade or Jason Kenny to take up cycling. Here is our guide for giving your child the chance to be the best cyclist they can be.

Being coached – our advice for parents and children

26 October 2013

Do you need a cycling coach? If your child has been inspired to race by Britain’s Olympic success, Team Sky or you just feel they should improve their cycling skills then you might ask “do they need a coach?”

Who’s got the zapper..?

14 October 2013

How often have you been watching your child race and wished they would change gear? Mark Wyer gives advice to help kids master gear selection.