CTC’s “Housedale Hustle” Time Trial

17 November 2013

Time trialling may not have the media coverage of more glamorous cycle racing disciplines, but it’s still one of the most popular forms if the sport. British riders like Bradley Wiggins & Emma Pooley are world-beating time triallists. Race regulations set the minimum age for time trialling on public roads at twelve years old. However, the CTC ran the inaugural “Housedale Hustle” time trial on closed roads in Dalby Forest. Here’s the CTC’s report.

Having run a wealth of MTB- related courses from the CTC Centre of Excellence the Dalby Bike Barn team were pleased with the response to their first road event in the picturesque Yorkshire forest. Over 40 riders aged from 8 to 58 took part in the inaugural ‘ Housedale Hustle’ last weekend.

Mike Hawtin, CTC’s Dalby Forest Cycling Development Officer, said “The idea behind the event was to show that there’s more to Dalby than just flying around having fun on mountain bikes. So we decided to run a hill climb time trial on a road in Dalby called Housedale.”

“On the day, the weather was clear and cool with thankfully no need for waterproofs or de-icer, so it helped things run really well. Riders were set off in 2 minute intervals which is a bit different to the usual 1 minute gap but we thought for the first timers it would be nice not to get caught on the way up! The categories were also quite broad with junior, senior, veteran and fun with trophies and some great prizes.”

This private gated stretch of tarmac in Dalby Forest actually forms part of a 12.5km road circuit which is perfect for training, scenic family rides or as part of longer road rides which pass through the forest. The course was a beautiful tree lined 2.2km up hill section with no traffic but with lots of enthusiastic riders, marshals and supporters.

Junior William Turley came 4th overall with a time of 6 minutes 40 seconds and was only beaten by the Senior winner, Shaw Pickard, by 29 seconds.

Once all the hard work was over for the riders the trophies and medals sponsored by Altura and Town and Country Fires were presented at Dalby Bike Barn.



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CTC’s “Housedale Hustle” Time Trial

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