Design a bike for us!

16 October 2014

We’re going to test a bike from Mango Bikes but we can’t decide on a custom colour scheme. That’s where you come in… And if we like your design the best, that’s the bike that will be built for our review.

Riders’ Bikes: WyndyMilla Saw Doctor

15 September 2014

This exotic WyndyMilla TT bike is ridden by talented 16-year-old all-rounder Harry Paine. It’s a special bike, with a made-to-measure carbon frame, Shimano Di2 electric gears, and many top components. WyndyMilla’s Henry Furniss told us the story of the bike.

Dan Tulett’s race MTB

18 July 2014

Top youth cross-country MTB racer Dan Tulett shows us around his race bike – a Stumpjumper 29er hardtail. Riding for Specialized he could have chosen any components he liked, of course, so why does his bike have a four-year old groupset, and alloy components not carbon? Read the article to find out.

Product launch: Boardman’s first ever junior bikes

17 June 2014

Boardman Bikes has entered the children’s market with the launch of three new bikes. The arrival of these new junior models will make a big impact. We review what Boardman is offering and see how the new models fit into the market.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e Road

17 June 2014

A proper Boardman, the SPORT/e Road makes a great entry-level road bike for youth circuit racing. Here’s our detailed review.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e Hybrid

17 June 2014

Boardman must surely have sold more hybrid bikes than anyone else in the UK. Now they’re offering the new SPORT/e Hybrid, a 26”-wheel, scaled-down junior version of its adult hybrids. The bike sits alongside a road bike and a MTB in the new junior range.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e MTB

17 June 2014

Boardman’s junior MTB fills the gap between cheaper bikes that aren’t capable off-road and much more expensive MTBs. So, as a £300 MTB specifically designed for children, the Boardman has an opportunity to carve its own niche.

First look: 2014 Islabikes Creig 26 MTB

03 June 2014

Not cheap and not for everyone, but a super-effective mini MTB. Lighter than ever and with improved spec for 2014. And very, very green. Watch our trail dog Lucas put it through its paces.

Video review: Hoy Cammo road bike

17 March 2014

Sir Chris made it clear that he was closely involved in every aspect of HOY Bikes, so we expected a lot from the Cammo junior road bike. There’s a growing choice of quality road bikes for kids, so the Cammo needs to impress. Watch our full review video to see whether it lived up to expectations.

Video review: Carrera Zelos Junior road bike

06 March 2014

A proper road bike that can be bought for just over £200? Does it have a part to play in Under 10 and Under 12 circuit racing, and can it really be raced seriously against its competitors costing £400 or more?