Video review: Hoy Meadowbank track bike

27 February 2014

We took a first look at this new junior track bike a few weeks ago and it certainly looked promising. We’ve given it a thorough test on the track since then. Is it worthy of the Hoy name…?

First look: Hoy Meadowbank track bike

07 February 2014

With the explosion of interest in track racing it’s not surprising that HOY Bikes has launched a track bike for young riders. And you can’t help feeling that a youngster riding a bike with the name “Hoy” all over it is going to find an extra few tenths of a second per lap from somewhere…

First look: Carrera Zelos Junior road bike

05 February 2014

The Carrera Zelos Junior is the cheapest bike that we’ve ever tested, but it’s probably one of the most important: it can be bought for just over £200 at the moment, making the sport accessible for parents who can’t justify paying £400+ for a junior road bike. So far the Zelos Junior looks like it could be the best kept secret in youth cycling at the moment…

First look: Hoy Cammo road bike

03 February 2014

There’s undoubtedly a high level of expectation when you unbox a bike bearing the name of Sir Chris Hoy. We’ve been testing it on the road and on closed-road circuits, and the bike is a real blast. Check out our short video to see it in action.

Video review: Culprit Junior 2

29 January 2014

It’s a junior road bike with 650c wheels and Shimano 105 gears. With carbon forks & seatpin, high specification and light weight, it’s obviously aimed at committed Under 10 and Under 12 riders. Find out what we made of the exotic Culprit.

Video review: Islabikes Creig 26 MTB

26 January 2014

It’s a serious junior mountain bike and it’s the most expensive model in the Islabikes range. Our video review looks at what the Creig 26 is best suited for, and how well it performs.

Group test – junior road/cyclocross bikes (part 2)

19 December 2013

This is the final part of our grouptest of four top junior road/cyclocross bikes. We look at their brakes, components, performance, customisation & upgrade, service & support, and value for money.

Group test – junior road/cyclocross bikes (part 1)

18 December 2013

Not long ago the choice of quality junior road/cyclocross bikes was very limited. Now there are half a dozen bikes to choose from, and we’ve reviewed four of the best.

Review of Peré Performance winter clothing

06 December 2013

Got a child who loves cycling but suffers when riding in the wet and cold? Read whether Peré’s products solve that problem.

Frog 60 MTB review

14 November 2013

Can the 60 MTB combine the simplicity & light weight of a hybrid with the effective front suspension of a “proper” MTB?