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“The Rules” – rewritten for young racing cyclists

31 March 2015

Lots of cyclists quote from “The Rules” – it’s entertaining but full of terrible advice for youth riders! So here’s the YCS version of The Rules, rewritten for young racing cyclists to help them enjoy our magnificent sport. You’ll find sound advice from world-class riders, from great coaches, and from experienced parents.

Tracy Moseley interview: why young riders should see the bigger picture

22 January 2015

World Champion Tracy Moseley is one of the most versatile riders in pro cycle sport. She tells us why young riders shouldn’t specialise too soon, why children & parents should take a longer term view, and about the support she’s had during her career.

Higher education as an athlete

12 January 2015

Should an elite cyclist or triathlete go to university after their A-Levels? How should they choose a university, and choose the right course? Here’s how George Schwiening, Junior World Duathlon Champion, decided whether to go, where to go, what to study – and how to make it work.

When dreams of a pro career end: Part Two

07 September 2014

In part two of his courageous feature, Luke Hattersley tells us what happened after he decided to stop cycle racing and end his ambition of becoming a pro. He gives his advice to help today’s ambitious youth riders, and his mum Jules gives her perspective too.

When dreams of a pro career end: Part One

04 September 2014

So many youth riders have their hearts set on a pro career. But only a tiny proportion of those riders will ever reach the highest level of the sport. Luke Hattersley tells us his own candid story about what happens when the dream ends.

Cycling and academic achievement: finding the balance

12 August 2014

Bryn Davies is a young rider who hopes to take up a place at Oxford University this Autumn. He writes about how he combines training & racing with demanding study. Bryn’s experience could help young riders (and their parents) who are struggling to find the balance between racing and school or college work.