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Tracy Moseley interview: why young riders should see the bigger picture

22 January 2015

World Champion Tracy Moseley is one of the most versatile riders in pro cycle sport. She tells us why young riders shouldn’t specialise too soon, why children & parents should take a longer term view, and about the support she’s had during her career.

Ben Tulett blog: cyclocross 2014/15

20 January 2015

Still an Under 14 youth rider, Ben Tulett has been a top-performer for many years. Here’s his blog about a cyclocross season in which he has absolutely dominated his age category at national level.

Tracy Moseley – equipment advice for young riders

18 January 2015

Setting up your MTB – snippets of advice for youth riders from world champion Tracy Moseley.

Higher education as an athlete

12 January 2015

Should an elite cyclist or triathlete go to university after their A-Levels? How should they choose a university, and choose the right course? Here’s how George Schwiening, Junior World Duathlon Champion, decided whether to go, where to go, what to study – and how to make it work.

Tracy Moseley – my enduro bike

05 January 2015

Tracy Moseley is one of the most versatile riders in pro cycle sport. Her biggest focus recently has been enduro racing. Here the World Champion talks us through the spec and set-up of her all-conquering Trek enduro bike.

Olympic dreams: young talent and the Performance Pathway

19 December 2014

The Performance Pathway is the talent development structure underpinning Great Britain’s astonishing elite racing success. With its new Olympic Development Apprentices programme, how well does it serve ambitious youth riders? Our in-depth feature includes an interview with Ian Yates, the man at the helm of the Pathway.