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Sir Chris Hoy answers your questions

18 June 2014

Sir Chris Hoy has answered as many of your questions as possible. Find out everything from his favourite motivational song to how he handled recovery from injury. There’s advice about how to stay motivated, handling disappointments, and dealing with pre-race nerves.

Product launch: Boardman’s first ever junior bikes

17 June 2014

Boardman Bikes has entered the children’s market with the launch of three new bikes. The arrival of these new junior models will make a big impact. We review what Boardman is offering and see how the new models fit into the market.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e Road

17 June 2014

A proper Boardman, the SPORT/e Road makes a great entry-level road bike for youth circuit racing. Here’s our detailed review.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e Hybrid

17 June 2014

Boardman must surely have sold more hybrid bikes than anyone else in the UK. Now they’re offering the new SPORT/e Hybrid, a 26”-wheel, scaled-down junior version of its adult hybrids. The bike sits alongside a road bike and a MTB in the new junior range.

Review: Boardman SPORT/e MTB

17 June 2014

Boardman’s junior MTB fills the gap between cheaper bikes that aren’t capable off-road and much more expensive MTBs. So, as a £300 MTB specifically designed for children, the Boardman has an opportunity to carve its own niche.

Skills analysis: road race cornering

10 June 2014

Being able to corner fast, safely and effectively is a key road racing skill that youth riders should master. Our skills analysis video of the recent Ixworth Criteriums shows the key points that a youth rider should work on to improve their road cornering.